Broad-cast Evangelism Course

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Witnessing. Evangelism. Mission. Sharing our Faith. Discipling. Telling others….
Whatever word or phrase we use to describe the process of telling others about our Christian faith, the truth is that we often feel overwhelmed and fearful about it.

In this short course we’re going to look at what is involved in sharing our faith.

  1. Why do we do it?

  2. What’s the message and how far does it go?

  3. What tools do we have?

  4. How did Jesus do it?

The title of the course is “BroadCast”. It comes from a practice that Jesus describes in the parable of the seed and the sower, where the sower (the farmer) casts the seed broadly, because he is convinced of its efficacy. He lets the seed land on the path, the rocky ground, thorny and good soil, because wherever the seed may grow, there is a chance of it bearing good fruit.

You can get the Bible Study the leaders guide below:

Download (PDF, 554KB)


Download (PDF, 113KB)

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