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Below are links to various resources that have been vetted and provided for congregations to use. These materials are not copyrighted – you can copy them freely.
Click on the name of the link.

Bible Commentaries:

Bible Studies:

Book Summaries:

Conference Presentations:

  1. Associations Imbizo – Mission and Vision – Theo Groeneveld
  2. MCG Workshop – Evangelism – Theo Groeneveld
  3. Vision, Mission and Transformation in Congregations – by Eugene Klopper
  4. Small Groups Training Material – by Theo Groeneveld
  5. Inspire Conference 2013 – Back to Basics
    Admin Matters – John McKane and Theo Groeneveld
    Keynote – Marius Nel
    Preaching – Mukondi Ramulondi and Rod Botsis
    Relationships Ministers and Elders – Awedzani Nemaukwe
    Running Courses – Chris Judelsohn and Craig Smith
    Trauma Counselling – Inette Taylor
  6. Inspire Conference 2015 – Rediscovering Church:
    – Keynote Malan Nel
    – Keynote Jerry Pillay
    – Fresh expressions, forgotten ways and discovering Eph4 ministries.
    – Mobilising your congregation for Incarnational Evangelism.
    – Working with Small Groups.
    Strategising for the Future.
    – Listening to your context.
    – The Order of Lay Ministries.
  7. Minister’s Conference – April 2016 – Emseni.
    – Malan Nel – Rediscovering Church.
  8. Inspire Conf 2018
    Christopher Harrison – Church Planting
    Heartlines: What’s  your story (See HERE for more info)
    Strategic Planning: Lungile Mpetsheni. Notes HERE.
    Discipleship: Armando Sontange. (The material in this presentation is part of the Fresh Expressions Mission Shaped Ministry course and is available from them.)
    Missional Values: Theo Groeneveld – notes HERE.
    Missional Masterclass: George Marchinkowski – notes  HERE, HERE and HERE.
    Order of Lay Ministries: Eddie Stopforth – See HERE
    Presbytery Church Planting: Christopher Judelsoh. Notes HERE.
    Paul Siaki spoke on Gospel and Culture. (The presentation is big – Here’s a LINK to it…)
    Alan Webster and Royden Blackwell: Practical Evangelism, Kairos and Luke10Transformation. Presentation HERE.
    Peter Langerman, our Missional Mod, A theological Trinitarian frameowork for Missional Church. Notes HERE.
    The conference closing Session was by Theo Groeneveld. Download the notes HERE.

Church Growth and Missional Congregations:



Liturgies and Orders of Service:

Topical Topics:

Training Material:

3 Responses to “Resources”

  1. Theo

    Hope we’ll be able to add many more resources soon!

  2. Hosiah Nkoana

    I am looking for material on how to share the GOSPEL for laity. We have revived our prayer cells and sharing the gospel is one of our priority goals.


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