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a.k.a The Church Development Evangelist

Church Development Evangelists are a set aside and equipped to establish new work as well as revive ailing congregations.PLEASE NOTE: The committee is reviewing the process for CDE’s and will be contacting the Manual Committee in due course. In summary the steps will be:

How to become a CDE:

  1. Have a place – a mission – which the Presbytery recognizes as a Church Growth Project.
  2. Be an Elder and a Lay Preacher
  3. Apply to GA CDP via Presbytery CDP
  4. Be interviewed by the Presbytery. They must discern a sense of call to this ministry and that you have a sufficient theological base (they may decide that further training is necessary).
  5. Presbytery makes final decision.
  6. Presbytery reports to GA CDP
  7. Person is set apart and appointed
  8. After 3 years the appointment is evaluated and either terminated or reappointed by Presbytery.

You can read more from Section 9 of Chap 16 but remember that these regulations will be changed. Click here.