Whatta Conference #2 !!!

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GroupPicOur second INSPIRE conference was held at Emseni Conference Centre in Benoni. Our theme was “Rediscovering Church.”
The conference was attended by over a hundred and thirty people with a ratio of 1 minister to every 8 congregation members. It was a great experience and people were inspired, motivated, encouraged, equipped, revitalised, revived, connected, resourced and well-fellowshipped.

InspireConfLogoWe were graciously hosted by the staff at Emseni and people enjoyed great fellowship, good food and the use of well-maintained practical facilities.

We had two amazing guest speakers:
Malan Nel and Jerry Pillay and both challenged and inspired us to be missional churches discovering our identity and purpose in the world. You can download Malan’s notes HERE and Jerry’s notes HERE.

There were also six workshops that were offered:

  • 1. Fresh Expressions, Forgotten ways. 20150926053028
    You can get notes HERE.
  • 2. Incarnational Evangelism.
    You can get notes HERE.
  • 3. Working with Small Groups.
    You can get notes HERE.
  • 4. Strategising for the Future.
    You can get notes HERE.
  • 5. Listening to your context.
    You can get notes HERE.
  • 6. Understanding the Order of Lay Ministries.
    You can get notes HERE.

We were also very privileged and blessed to have representatives from the Council of World Mission who not only shared in the conference with us, but conducted an incisive missional audit of the UPCSA.

Worship was a highlight and we learned a new song together that became our conference’s anthem – you can find out more about the song HERE.

dsc04703In the final session people spoke very warmly about the conference’s impact on them and the things they learned:

  • It’s time to go out!!!
  • Church is making a difference where it is
  • God is already at work in the community – It’s a process
  • Going out and STAYING there
  • The minister is not the be all and end all – allow the body to minister
  • Called to remind people for who they are in God – not condemning
  • Filled with hope for the future of the church
  • Kingdom is not only spiritual but about whole person20150926052623
  • Hope is stronger than memory
  • Inspired by young people present and participating in the conference.
  • God called us into the context we are currently in
  • Mission is God’s Mission – listen to God
  • Behave, Belong, Believe becomes Belong, Believe, Behave
  • God’s search party – well-equipped – Church is the trainer
  • This is the cutting edge – we’re sparking significant changedsc04728
  • Develop friendships is the way to reach people
  • Not the Manual, but the three B’s. Be more Christlike
  • Roll up our sleeves and work for the church
  • Not self-centered but incarnational
  • Everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, anything can happen
  • A real excitement – God is at work
  • Not building walls – but bridges
  • Unfreezing is painful – but we must do it
  • A new reformation – Calvin gave us theological reformation but now an ecclesiological reformation.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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One Response to “Whatta Conference #2 !!!”

  1. Allan Visser

    So privileged to have attended. I have looked for a term for what I feel about the Church, now I have it – Missionality! Came away with ideas and inspiration, thank you Holy Spirit and all your hardworking M&D Staff.
    Two questions; Even if the attendance ratio was one minister to eight lay people, where were all the ministers? How do they hear and feel this information on turning the UPCSA around to be a Missional Church?
    May you be blessed for the work you are doing!


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