Training in the Free State Presbytery

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On Saturday 22 Oct Christopher Judelsohn and Theo Groeneveld travelled through to the Phomolong Congregation in Kroonstad to do training with Church-Growth Minded people in the Free State Presbytery.

There was a good turnout and we were very impressed and humbled by the huge amount of effort that was put into the day. The Presbyters were enthusiastic and positive about transforming the focus from Maintenance to Mission.

The morning’s programme included:

  • an overview of the work of the committee
  • a challenge to “Think Church Growth”
  • A study of key Biblical Passages
  • Group Discussions on key Questions:
    • What is the purpose of the church?
    • How do we know that our church is growing?
  • An overview of the types of congregation and the work of the CDE
  • An overview of the Website.

We were treated to wonderful hospitality and we left with a clear sense that those present were very motivated to make Church Growth a high priority.