The Work of a MaD Convener.

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The Work of the
Presbytery MaD Convener

  1. Eat, breathe, and sleep – thinking about being a missional church and urging people to develop a missional mindset.

    1. Share information – we are preparing a “canned” powerpoint and some cool videos

    2. Promote Fresh Expressions and Mission Shaped Ministry Courses.

    3. Take your Presbytery through the Five Habits.

  2. Promote the OLM:

    1. Be sure you understand the process – read the documents and pamphlets – make Eddie your best friend.

    2. Encourage Individuals who you think will benefit

    3. Coach the ministers about the OLM

  3. Add to your favourites.

    1. Read through the website from top to bottom

    2. Promote the website.

    3. Showcase some of the materials

  4. Be aware of the grants that are available and make sure that people apply correctly. Also be diligent in ensuring that the grants are used faithully.

    1. Initialization Grants

    2. Grants in aid of stipend

    3. CDE Grants

    4. Building Grants

    5. Half-Bursaries for Courses

  5. Develop a clear picture of your presbytery and opportunites where growth could happen.

    1. Starting new work in the “traditional way”

    2. Starting new work in innovative ways

    3. Encourage Presbytery to develop a listening heart

  6. Promote our Discipleship materials in the Presbytery.

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