Month of Mission Foci

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BibleStudyGlassesSince 2014 the General Assembly has agreed to the M&D Committee’s proposal that October be promoted as “a Month of Mission” and that a preaching guide and daily scripture readings be circulated.

Please click on the links below for documents containing these resources.



5 Responses to “Month of Mission Foci”

  1. Misha

    Thank you we really need this

    • lawrence

      Am blessed with the materials on the M&D website. Thanks

  2. Lungile

    Thanks to the M&D for this great stride. This puts the UPCSA on a right course. We continue to pray for good fruits.
    Onward Christian soldiers.

  3. JM Gugushe

    This has been great resource for evangelism.I did share month of mission with other denominational colleagues, and our lay ministry and guess what! They were so excited in having to focus on Phillip the Evangelist. Keep on keeping on.

    • Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

      Thanks JM, Lungile, Lawrence and Misha.
      It’s a great encouragement to know that the materials are helpful and that they are being used. Soli Deo Gloria.


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