Month of Mission 2020

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Dear Friends and Colleagues

Greetings in the lovely name of our Lord Jesus!

Since 2014 the M&D committee has been sending out daily devotions for the month of October which has been set aside as Missions Month. These have been written by various ministers and members in the denomination and have been well-received.

We had a different theme planned for October this year which was linked to some work the committee would have rolled out at General Assembly. But, due to the pandemic, we find ourselves in the midst of a dramatically changed situation, and so this year’s theme has been re-imagined around the idea of “Overcoming.”

The Greek word most often translated “overcomer” stems from the word “nike” which, according to Strong’s Concordance, means “to carry off the victory. The verb also implies a battle.

The theme will unfold in three parts:

  • Week 1: God’s Plan for Us

  • Week 2: Attitudes of Overcomers

  • Week 3-5: Lessons from Overcomers

In previous years, we have also given preaching plans and sent devotions out on Saturdays and Sundays.
This year there aren’t preaching plans and we are concentrating on Mon-Fri, but running for 5 weeks…

The devotions will be posted on the Denomination’s Facebook page…
And we hope that you will help us share these widely.

People can also subscribe to an email mailing list and you can share the following subscribe link with congregation members in order for them to subscribe….

Subscribe link is: (It is case-sensitive)

In these challenging times we pray that these messages will be inspirational and a great blessing to many in the UPCSA. Please help us spread these as widely as possible…

Thanks and God bless,
Ruth Armstrong and Theo Groeneveld
(Mission and Discipleship Committee)

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