Month Of Mission 2019

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He Gave Gifts

The theme for the Month of Mission 2019 is “He gave gifts…” (Exploring the Mission of the Church in Eph 4:(7-)11-16). In particular, we are exploring the idea that the Holy Spirit gives specific gifts for the planting, building, sustaining and nurturing of the Church.

There are three parts to the Month of Mission:

  1. Sermon Outlines for Preachers to use on the Four Sundays of October.
    The sermon series will follow the Ephesians 4 passage by looking at:
    – the One who formed the Church,
    – the Gifts He gave,
    – the purpose of the Church
    – and what Healthy Church looks like.
  2. Daily Scripture Readings for Congregants to consider.
  3. Daily email devotions (eDevotions) which will be written by ministers, CDE’s and Lay Preachers in the UPCSA. You can subscribe to those .

You can download the Sermon Outline and Daily Readings from the link below…

We hope you’ll plug into the Month of Mission and that it will be a blessing to you.

Download (PDF, 396KB)

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