Mission Shaped Ministries Course: A bunch of Presby Graduates

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The Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) Course is the academic, strategic, biblical and theological backbone of the Fresh Expressions movement.

Over the last three years a very large number of Presbyterians have gone through the course and a large number have participated in teacher training and have been part of the teams teaching this course.

They have been exposed to some of the most cutting edge thinking around Church Growth and Planting.

Here are the modules that were offered:


  1. Intro
  2. The Mission of God
  3. The Mission Context and the Mixed Economy
  4. Vision and Call
  5. Mission Values
  6. Starting something new
  7. Listening for Mission
  8. What is Church?
  9. Gospel and Culture


  1. Team Roles and Behaviour
  2. Leadership Matters
  3. Spirituality for Mission
  4. Discipleship
  5. Prayer for Mission
  6. Missional Values
  7. Evangelism Strategies 1
  8. Evangelism Strategies 2
  9. Personal Evangelism


  1. Worship and the Sacraments
  2. Lessons from Weakness
  3. Learning Networks and Share
  4. Small Group Church
  5. Global-Local
  6. Engaging with your community
  7. Handling opposition, setback and failure
  8. Strategic Finance for Mission
  9. Healthy Relationships
  10. Emerging Maturity


  1. Children and All-Age Ministry
  2. Fresh Expressions and Youth
  3. Fresh Expressions and Young Adults
  4. Rural Fresh Expressions




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