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[UPDATE! Click on ConferenceHQ to get the programme and all announcements…]

While we can’t have a physical Inspire Conference – we will be bringing you an online conference!

From 9h00-13h00 on 13-15 October you’ll be able to log in to hear our keynote speakers and participate in exciting workshops. The conference will include presentations followed by online discussions. You’ll be able to interact with friends and colleagues from all over.

There is no charge for the conference!
Register at
to get your programme, notes and links to all the amazing content.

The Presentations will be on You-Tube – this is a reliable platform which will ensure that you receive the presentations at the highest possible quality. Then there will be ZOOM links to join in discussion and Q&A after each keynote and workshop presentation.

Our Keynote Speakers will be:

    “How to be a Missional Church in a post-Covid World…”
    (Siegried is the Director of Fresh Africa and of SIM. He’s a Pastor, Lecturer and Missiologist.)
    “We need Pioneers more than ever!”
    (Vera is the past Director of the “1001 New Worshipping Communities” project in the PCUSA. She has 21 years of Church Planting experience.)
    “Being Church: Non-Negotiables and Negotiables in the Transformation of Congregations”
    (Malan is an Extra Ordinary Prof at Univ. of Pretoria, Author & Consultant and a loved and trusted voice in the Denomination.)

You will be able to participate in 5 workshops, choosing from the following exciting topics:

Six Postures or ways of being that lead to Growth. (This is in four parts)
Ministry to Kids and Teens in Covid Times.
Pastoral Counselling in Covid Times.
Guiding People through Financial Struggles.
Online Communion: Yes or No?
How we see our neighbours… The Good Samaritan.
Community in an age of Distancing.
Ideas and Innovations in Lockdown.
What did we learn in Lockdown?
The Opportunities and Threats of these times.
Training Missional Ministers.
An overview of Technologies churches have used.

Register at
to get your programme, notes and links to all the amazing content.


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