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Hi Everyone
Thanks for a great first day. We’ve had wonderful feedback.
We have seen that it is going to be better for folk to try and watch the videos ahead of time as our feedback discussions are going for longer that 15 minutes.

For Thursday we will stick to the original feedback times:
– 9h25 for workshops
– 10h45 for Tom Jordi
– and 11h25 for the Closing Going for Growth Feedback and Closing session.
Please do your best to watch tomorrow’s videos ahead of time.
They are all in the links below.
Please do watch the final feedback session which outlines Going for Growth – It’s only 20mins.
God bless and Much Love,

Here’s the background to and the details of the conference…

Inspire Conference Poster

Our exciting inspire Conference!

Four years ago we ran a successful online Inspire Conference hot on the heels of Covid 19. Two years later we did it again. Now it is time for us to offer our third online inspire conference and it’s going to be a very special one.

Set aside the mornings of 15 and 16 May (Pentecost week) where we’ll be able to listen to presentations by our Moderator, Lydia Neshangwe, Rod Botsis and Tom Jordi and participate in two of the three workshops that will be on offer.

The format will be as we have done it in the past:

  • The talks and and introductions to the workshops will be on YouTube.
    This ensures small downloads but high quality. The links will also be available ahead of time and so you can watch the talks and intros at the scheduled times or a bit before.
    Then we will go to GoogleMeet or Zoom chat rooms where we will be able to share in feedback…

Here’s the programme:


Wed 15 May

Thu 16 May


Opening and Talk 1 by Rod Botsis
        Light the Fire
“The Spirituality of the Leader”

Feedback Session:     
And here’s the notes.

Watch the You Tube for your chosen workshop beforehand.
The discussion groups start at 09h25
Choose from:
1. Trends in Church Growth
    MeetLink: ZoomGeorge

2. Disciple-making in our Congregations
    Notes from discussion.

3. Partnering with God in Mission
    OnLineMeetLink: ZoomAmon

Talk 2 by Lydia Neshangwe
        Keep the Fire going
The Long Haul, Perseverance, Teams

Feedback Session:
And here’s the notes.


        Pass the Fire to the next generation

Be sure to give yourself 55 minutes to watch this video and then join the discussion at 10h45

Three 11h00 on YouTube – watch workshop Intro
11h25 Google Meet Sessions: Group Discussion
Choose from:
1. Trends in Church Growth

2. Disciple-making in our Congregations
   Notes are here.

3. Partnering with God in Mission

Closing Session:
An Important Update on Going for Growth
Thanks, Feedback, Questions and Comments

Feedback and Thanks Session at 11h25


You can sign up for the conference at:

God bless and warm Greetings in Christ,

Theo Groeneveld


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