Inspire Conference 2015 – Anthem – Awakening

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Your Kingdom come Your will be done in us we pray God
Inspire Your church to raise her voice against the dark

So would You rain down on us
Your Spirit rain down on us

Refiner’s love come start with us consume our hearts now
Let fire burn to make us yearn to see again

Come have Your way bring awakening
Come have Your way God we let You in
Breathe into our hearts again
Come and bring awakening

Search deep inside and strip away our doubts and fears now
Enlarge our faith in who You are and what You say

Give us Your power we pray
To go forth in Your name
Give us the grace to hold on
In Your love we remain
And though the world’s still asleep
We will rise to say
Bring awakening

Written by: Matt Richley, Luke Hellebronth

Copyright © 2015 Thankyou Music

CCLI Number: 7037380

You can listen to it HERE.

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