1. The Order of Lay Ministries

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The Order of Lay Ministries.

  • Celebrating the abundance of God’s gifts in the members of our congregations

  • Supporting those who serve faithfully

  • Training people towards excellence in service

  • Guiding and clarifying processes and expectations

We have a video explaining the need for the OLM, what the OLM is and how it works. Click this link: https://youtu.be/3ytUc2ZGVKs

And here are some of the key resources for you to look at or download:

  1. The  Pamphlet  describing the order (printable).
  2. The How-To-Apply Guideline.
    Supplementary Guidelines for Lay Preachers.
  3. The Application forms.
    If you are already a part of the Order of Lay preachers then you only need to fill in this form
  4. The Manual Provisions about the order.
  5. The Latest News on the OLM.
  6. Job Descriptions for various roles:
    – Children’s Ministry Convener (CMC)
    – Pastoral Carer / Assistant (PC)
    – Worship Leader (WL)
    – Youth Pastor (YP)
    – A Local Evangelist (LEV)
  7. A draft letter of appointment template that churches can use.
  8. A useful guideline for interviews when congregations are wanting to appoint staff.

For more information on how to apply to belong to this order please contact our co-ordinator Mrs. Eddie Stopforth 012 3330693 0827597396 eddiestop@global.co.za