3. Discipleship

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This is an area where the committee is wanting to do a lot more work.

In the future we want to develop materials for congregation retreats, evaluate courses like Alpha and others, and provide tools to help God’s people to grow in love and service.

For the moment our excellent Resources Page provides some wonderful material.

As a starting point we have a team of facilitators who can take groups through two courses that we have identified:

  • The Unfinished Story (TUS) is one of the courses available in the Kairos Series (https://simplymobilizing.com/kairos/). (This is different from the Prison Ministry that is also called Kairos) and is about transforming people’s worldview for Mission
  • Luke10Transformation is a great hands-on model for personal evangelism. It’s incredibly flexible and the authors have given permission for us to tweak and modify the tool for local contexts. Learn more at: http://luke10t.com/

Contact the Convener for more information