Just Walk Across the Room – Implementation Guide.

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jwar4The Willow Creek “Just Walk Across the Room Course” is a powerful learning experience.
The documentation provided here is intended to supplement and not replace the great resources Willow Creek provides.

The Course offers some great learning. You can see a summary of the main points of each session below.

Click JustWalkAcrossTheRoomSessions1-4Guide  to download the material:


The single greatest gift:

  1. Single greatest gift that Christ followers can give to people around them is an introduction to God

  2. Evangelism – constantly watching for ways to give that gift to somebody who is far from God

  3. Christ’s walk from Heaven to Earth is a model for all of us

  4. Just be a friend

  5. Pay attention and be led by the promptings of the Holy spirit

Living in 3D

  1. Relationally based evangelism can only happen when Christ-followers are truly engaged in the lives of people around them

  2. Develop friendships instead of “saving a soul” (i.e. treating people like another statistic)

  3. Discover stories

  4. Discern appropriate next steps

The power of story

  1. Christ followers can be prepared to engage in spiritual conversations and do what they can to point people towards faith in God

  2. Be sure that you have heard their story authentically so that they are ready for yours.

  3. Know 2 stories (yours and God’s Salvation Story) and tell them with humility, clarity and brevity

  4. Keep them brief, humble, easy to understand and real.

Grander Vision Living

  1. Focus on the priority that is nearest to the heart of God – people
    Even beneath the value of evangelism is the value of love. Heaven will never be disappointed if our bottom-line value in relating to others is love.”

  2. Allow other pursuits to fall away

  3. Follow Jesus’ example in how he dealt with people

  4. When pursuing the grander vision, you will be partnering with God in his amazing mission – finding what is lost, restoring what is broken and reclaiming what is his.

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