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The Church Growth Forum at Presbyteries is a powerful platform for getting people to “Think Church Growth…”

The Committee is very motivated to assist with this kind of training and so we have budgeted to send small teams, by invitation, to Presbyteries to provide practical training and equipping.

When could such training be done?

Ideally this would be at the Church Development Forums that Presbyteries should be starting to promote a mindset of Church Growth.


Four to five hours and make it interactive.


We will use our newly published booklet which is for use in training Presbyters, CDE’s and all Church-Growth-Minded people. This book covers basic skills and themes needed for growing churches and allows groups to work through some basic thoughts on the given themes and stimulates learning discussions. You can download the booklet here.

Here are the chapter headings:

  1. What is Church Growth?
  2. Knowing and Understanding your Context
  3. Servant Leadership Development
  4. Ministry of Word and Sacraments
  5. Stewardship and Generosity
  6. God-exalting Worship
  7. Mission (Outreach) & Evangelism
  8. Spiritual Disciplines
  9. Biblical Ethics for a Secular Society
  10. Effective and Accountable Administration
  11. Self Leadership
  12. Caring and Loving Relationships
  13. Learning and Growing in Community
  14. Ecumenism

Contact the Convener if you would like to have a team visit your Presbytery.