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The Crucial Role of Presbyteries

The Presbytery is at the heart of Church Growth.
The person appointed to oversee Church Development and Planning should be a passionate, motivated and creative individual willing to work hard at inspiring congregations to “Think Church Growth.”

You can download a basic Job Description  by clicking here.

Here are the core duties of the Presbytery Convener:

  1. Eat, breathe, and sleep – thinking about Church Growth and urging people to “Think Church Growth”
  2. Be aware of categories of Ministry
    1. “Evangelists”
    2. CDE’s
    3. Stated Supply
    4. Supportive Ministries
  3. Understand the kinds of congregations: Ch6 Section 8
    1.  Nuclear Congregations
    2. Transitional Congregations
    3. Fully Constituted Congregations
    4. Work with your Integration Committee on Outstations
      – Consolidate
      – Re-allocate
      – Start new work
  4. Identify, Train, Mentor and Organise CDE’s Ch.16 Section 9
  5. Facilitate Grants and Assessment Relief
    1. CDE Grants
    2. Buy out Grants
    3. Property Grants
    4. Growth Related Assessment Relief
  6. Organise the Forum
    1. Skills
    2. Enthusiasm
    3. Resources
  7. Facilitate our Resource Sharing Initiative…