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We would like to stimulate members, congregations and presbyteries to respond to God’s call to Mission (either in our circles of influence (Evangelism), in our community (Social Outreach)  or beyond our borders (Foreign Mission)

To this end the committee brings a proposal to General Assembly, requesting that a specific mission agency be nominated as the mission of focus for the next period.

Mission Focus for 2016-2018

Our Mission Focus during this time is the Bible Society.

“Your Committee have now the satisfaction to state that on the 23rd of August in the last year (1820) a Society was formed at the Cape of Good Hope under the designation of the South African Bible Society.”

This paragraph in the 1821 Annual Report of the British and Foreign Bible Society marked the official start of Bible Society work in South Africa.

Today the Bible Society of South Africa is a non-profit company comprising 10 regions with its head office in Bellville, Cape Town. Different church denominations are members of the Bible Society. The highest governing body is the Board of Directors which comprises eight members.

The Bible Society excercises sound business principles directed by Christian values to render effective and efficient service.

The Bible Society of South Africa exists to serve the church and all the people of South Africa by providing affordable Bibles for everyone in their own language and in suitable formats so that all may experience the life-giving message of the Word.

Mission Focus for 2014-2016

Our Mission Focus during this time is African Enterprise.


Mission Focus for 2012-2014

The Mission Focus for this period was the International Sailor’s Society.

International Sailor's Society